I am the production manager of arguably 2 of the busiest venues in their categories in America. I was certified in CPR/AED at Tour Link this year. We had CPR training for our entire House of Blues staff from the Boston Department of Public Health. This was a proactive measure for all the EDM shows we were hosting. Training and education are absolutely the best responses to an audience that is experimenting with drugs and an aging road crew population. I went to both GMs last year asking them to install AED machines backstage. We had a crew member experience a cardiac incident last year. The work that Keep the Beat Alive is doing is invaluable. The raising of awareness and training that they are doing is going to go a long way to saving lives! I can’t wait to work with Dr. Brezinski and Chris Musgrave again, hopefully bringing them to Boston for a training session.

--Tim McKenna, Production Manager at House of Blues Boston and Xfinity Center 


Keep The Beat Alive is an amazing organization that the touring industry has desperately needed for a very long time. Focusing on not only the health and safety of the people who make shows happen, but the fans as well, their work with educating everyone on how to handle life saving situations is critical. I will do everything in my power to assist the founders of Keep The Beat Alive, Chris Musgrave and Dr. Brezinski, in this endeavor and I hope you will as well.

--David Klein, Tour Manager for Justin Bieber, Kesha, and Tori Kelly


I've been involved with touring for twenty three years now and recently undertook the CPR/AED training and have to say it's one of the best things I've done in a while. It's one of those things you keep meaning to do, but never seem to get around to. Dr. Brezinski and Chris Musgrave quite literally bring it to you, so no excuses. The training made me confident enough to get involved should someone need me.
This is something everyone in the touring industry should undertake and support, including having a defibrillator on EVERY tour bus and EVERY production office. Continued success to Keep The Beat Alive.

--CHRIS KEATING, Award Winning Video Director / Designer

Getting CPR/AED certified was so much easier than I expected. Consider the possible impact of investing less than one hour of your time toward being prepared to handle such a health emergency. You could be the difference between life and death for someone.

--Wendy Wilson, Assistant Tour Manager to The Black Keys